About Timisoara

Situated at the cross of some of the most important commercial routes linking the WEST and the EAST, Timisoara, the capital of the Timis district, is an important historical, economic, financial, cultural and scientific centre, with a numerous community of foreign citizens: Germans, Italians, Hungarians, Serbians.
Due to its many parks, public gardens, squares and green spaces, Timisoara has earned its name of garden-city. The cultural scene enjoys also a good representation: 3 important theatres - Romanian, German and Hungarian, The Romanian Opera and the Philharmonic Orchestra and many other art galleries, museums and exhibition centres.
The population of Timisoara is of approximately 400.000 people, mostly of Romanian nationality.
The first documentary mention of Timisoara dates from 1266, when it appeared with the name: Castrus Timisiensis. On the maps it is mentioned in 1339.
It must be said about Timisoara, that it was the first European town to enjoy street lighting with electricity (12 November 1884).