Brol Medical Center

Brol Medical Center is a private clinic located in the center of Timisoara city, having an over 14-year experience in the aesthetic surgery, established in 1996. As from the year 2009, the clinic activates in an ultramodern hospital, built and equipped in accordance with the most recent European standards.

The clinic provides services of plastic, reconstructive and esthetic surgery. Additionally to these services, we come to meet our customers with a modern dermatology practice equipped with the newest laser and IPL technologies. Moreover, inside the clinic you can find other medical specialties as: general surgery, neurosurgery.

The clinic is equipped with:
  • 3 examination and treatment rooms,
  • 1 operating amphitheater with 2 operating rooms with European standard equipment,
  • rooms for patient before anesthesia and immediate after surgical surveillance.
The accommodation part is represented by 20 rooms with 1 or 2 modern beds with remote control. Each room has his own bathroom, air conditioning, TV-set, Internet connection and necessary facilities but also oxygen and in bed aspiration system.

The entire medical team led by Prof. Dr. Bratu has as its main target to provide the clients of the BROL clinic with excellent results under conditions of maximum safety and confidentiality, by means of the expertise and professional know-how due to the experience accrued in over 14 year’s activity in the private sector, in more than 12000 surgeries of very various complexity performed in private clinic.

We invite you in a pleasant and relaxed environment, with a welcoming and warm team that makes you feel at home!

The Brol Clinic