In all ages, the penis was regarded as a symbol of manhood. The importance of the size for the sex life, and the self-esteem are an open topic. The aging is a catalyzing factor for a man to subject himself to a penal augmentation, in prolongation or thickening.
Statistics show that the average size of the penis reaches 15 cm. 90% of men have a size ranging between 13 an 18 cm. The record for a completely functional penis amounts to 30 cm. A frequently asked question is whether the size of the penis is important. The vagina dimensions range between 8 and 15 cm. Even a penis with a smaller size can touch every square cm of vaginal area.

Penis thickness enhancement

Over the ten year period in which this operation has been carried out, several techniques have been tested out; none of them has yielded extraordinary results. The most used one is the fat transfer taken from the abdomen or hips by liposuction, processed and inserted under the penile skin. This will be absorbed over time (1 or 2 months) to a percentage of 70-80%. A complication that may crop up is the regrouping of fat cells accompanied by fibrous nodules that may cause asymmetry or uneven penile surface.


Before surgery you should get informed and talk to the surgeon about the possible hazards and complications. If you should entertain unrealistic hopes, you run the risk of being disappointed with the results of the surgery.

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