Non-surgical weight loss with an endogastric balloon

The purpose of this method is a 15-25 kg-weight loss in six months, after which the procedure may be repeated depending on the desired results. The intervention renders maximal efficiency in patients with BMI between 30-40 or with overweight. The intra-gastric balloon may be recommended even if the person's weight exceeds even with 10 kg the ideal weight.

The method by which the food intake may be considerably lowered is to insert into the stomach a silicone balloon. The intervention is non-surgical – it is performed by the endoscopic way. The non-inflated balloon is inserted via the mouth, while the patient is under a certain degree of sedation. Once in the stomach, the balloon is filled with 400-700 ccm physiological serum and methylene blue. Then the balloon is detached from the inlet tube, is sealed and remains afloat into the stomach, of which a good space is thus filled, reaching the satiation sensation upon ingestion of a small quantity of food.

The silicone balloon as filled takes up approximately two thirds of the stomach capacity in a normal organism. After six months, the balloon has to be removed due to the fact that it stays in acid environment (gastric juice) and it's walls get thin.

The risk involved by this treatment against gaining weight is the breaking open of the balloon. There is a minimal risk that the bag gives way without any hazard. The first hint appears quite soon, when the urine turns green due to the fact that methylene blue is added to the serum, which is an antiseptic with sole role as an indicator. The substances within the balloon are eliminated through the feces and pose no danger of producing adverse reactions in the body.
In the first days after the implant of the balloon, nausea may occur, a normal reaction by which the body rejects the foreign object.

The patients maintain the implant in the stomach for up to six months, and after a hiatus of three-four months, provided they want to further lose weight, they may resort to a new implant of intra-gastric balloon.
The balloon is extracted from the stomach by the same way as it was inserted. First, the serum is aspired by means of a needle through the canal of the endoscope. The balloon is completely deflated and extracted with a special clip via the endoscope as well.

The duration is of 25 minutes for insertion of the balloon and of 15 minutes for the extraction. The discharge may take place a couple of hours later or the next day, depending on the general state of the patient.
The product is contraindicated to the persons suffering from gastric ulcer.

The presence of the balloon should be paralleled by diet and physical exercises. In those six months, the patient undertakes a kind of training by which he or she should get used to a certain dietetic and physical behavior, to be applied for the rest of his or her life. If not, there is the risk for the patient to reach the former weight again after the balloon has been extracted.