Breast augmentation - Frequently Asked Questions

Breast Augmentation with Silicone Prostheses

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of breast prostheses do you use?
The breast implants are cohesive silicone gel implants with textured envelope. They can be round or anatomic.

Can I choose the size of my own implant?
After the measurements performed following the examination, depending on the thorax circumference, on the aspect of the thorax and of the breast, a size minimum and maximum can be established, as well as the optimal shape of the implant, so that the final aspect, as simulated with various sizers inserted into the brassier, be in harmony with the rest of the body.

What type of anesthesia will I get?
The anesthesia is general, with oro-tracheal intubation.

Will I have scars?
Yes, the scars are into the inframammary fold, but due to their positioning and to the suture type, they will fade with time.

When are the suture threads to be removed?
The suture is conducted with an intradermal resorbable thread, over which sterile adhesive strips are applied. After 14 days post-operative, only the strips will be removed.

When can I go back to work?
Depending on the type of activity, when the pains disappear, the activity can be resumed to a moderate extent, and the efforts can be gradually intensified.

When can I resume sport?
Usually, sportive activities not involving the pectoral muscles can be employed after approximately 4-8 weeks.

Is the sensitivity of the nipples recovered immediately after the surgery?
The sensitivity of the nipples can be lost or can be exacerbated symmetrically or unilaterally transitorily. This may be recovered after 2-4 weeks.

If the breasts are lowered, can they be lifted by means of breast implant?
It depends on the level of the ptosis. If the surplus of skin is not very big, then yes, the breast augmentation surgery can be performed to solve also the breast lifting by filling the skin surplus. If the breasts are very much lowered, then it is necessary, besides the implant surgery meant to render vigor to the breast, also the surgery of breast lifting, by which the excess of skin is cropped and the nipple and the mammary gland are relocated.

If the breasts are asymmetric, can they be symmetrized by breast implant?
Following the simulation with asymmetrical sizers, the volume of each breast implant can be established so that the different size implants used in the two breasts give an approximately symmetrical aspect to the breast.

When can the post-operative final result be seen?
Immediately after the surgery, the breast will be edemated, the pectoral muscle, contracted, and the skin may have a shiny aspect due to the sudden expansion. After approximately 6 weeks, the breasts may regain their natural aspect.