Face lift - Frequently Asked Questions

What is the ideal age for lifting?

The ideal age is highly variable from person to person. Depending on the profession or on other factors, the lifting can be justified even at 35, or to an equal extent at ages over 70, therefore the scope of the ideal age is forty years wide.
The results will be more marked when the surgery is performed at a more advanced age, but due to the aesthetic surgery, it is more recommendable to maintain a younger aspect for a longer time rather to wait for the age-induced marks to settle in.

Does the lifting change the physiognomy?

NOT. The lifting does not change the shape of the mouth, does not alter the jawline or the ear and eye contour, due to the fact that the lifting does not aim at pulling at the skin, but at the deep facial muscles.

How long does the result of a lifting last?

No certain time period can be guaranteed, because the benefit of the surgery depends not only upon the surgery in itself, but also on other age-inducing factors (heredity, way of life and hygiene, other disorders etc). The continuing aging process can be delayed by means of corrections applied on various areas using even the same scars. Apart from the cases of dramatic weight gains or losses, the obtained result is stable throughout several years.

How long does the post-lifting recovery period last?

The benefit of the surgery is obtained 21-30 days after the surgery. The first suture threads are removed after the first week, while the remaining ones – after the second one, when the ecchymoses and the edema disappear.
The time to resume of the current activity is very varying, as from the day 5-8 after the surgery.

When can I wear a make-up?

The make-up can be performed right after the suture threads are removed, but decolorization and dyeing of the hair not before 21 days. The self-massaging of the scars is recommended in the mornings and evenings for 1-2 months.