Hair replacement

Our patients benefit from:


  • modern equipment and clinic;
  • team with vast experience: MD PhD Professor Tiberiu Bratu with over 30,000 interventions performed;
  • anesthetic team led by MD PhD Professor Dorel Sandesc, The President of the National Anesthesia Society, together with several primary doctors and specialists, ensures the comfort and safety of the surgery and the after surgery accomodation;
  • postoperative follow-up monitoring by a plastic surgeon and two anesthetists;

Interdisciplinary consultation

  • pre-anesthetic consultation;
  • psychologic consultation;
  • medical analyzes, ECG;

Supplementary service

  • anesthesia (general, peridural, i.v. or local);
  • postoperative medication (antibiotics, antalgies, anticoagulants etc);
  • bandages and periodic checks;


The price of the hair transplant operation is 2500 Euros per session. Approximately 1000 grafts can be implanted in a session. The technique used is T.U.F. (transplantation of follicular units in the occipital area). Another method used is the F.U.E. (wire drawing and transplantation). And this technique can be transplanted around 1000 grafts, and its cost is 2500 Euro.
The difference between the two procedures is that at the first one we cut a piece of the scalp with all the hair, and from there we transplant the grafts, and in the second each wire is harvested individually and will not remain a linear scar.
Cost includes ECG, anesthesia, surgery, hospitalization, post-operative controls and 19% VAT.