Lipoaspiration - Frequently Asked Questions

Lipoaspiration (liposuction or liposculpture)

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the treatment of the cellulite be performed by lipoaspiration?
By lipoaspiration, the size of a certain anatomic area can be reduced by means of aspiration of the fat from inside of the hypoderm, leaving a minimum 1-2 cm thick fat layer under the skin in order to maintain its nutritive layer.

When can the activity be resumed?
The lipoaspiration requires usually 1 day of hospitalization, after which walking is recommended from the very next day, the sports – after 15 days, resuming the current activity from the 3rd or 4th day.

What do the post-operative cares consist of?
As the post-operative scars are very small, under 5 mm, they pose no problem regarding their care. The suture threads are removed after 5 -7 days. After the first week, the self-massaging is recommended, on the purpose of facilitating the disappearance of the post-operative edema and smoothing of the skin new line. Moreover, you should wear elastic trousers or corset to maintain the skin stretched on its sub-layer, without leaving it to fold or pleat by wearing too tight clothing or a belt which leaves its mark on the skin.

Is the operation result stable in time?
The benefit of the operation can be seen after approximately 30-60 days, when the edemas disappear, but it is strongly required that no important weight gain occur in the months or years after the intervention. In case of weight gain, it is necessary to follow a dieto-therapy recommended by a nutritionist.

What can be done in case a depression occurs?
If a cutaneous depression was accentuated, a filling thereof can be attempted by topical injecting, within the depression, the fluid fat prelevated by lipoaspiration.