Dermatology Examinations

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Dermatology Examinations

  • Diagnosis and treatment of dermatological disorders
  • Minor interventions, electrocauter (papilloma, verrucae)

Diagnosis of the dermatological disorders

As patients with dermatological issues, we must take care and eliminate from our thought the fact that we know what we suffer from because we have seen is before at somebody else, or because we have read in a book or on the internet about that problem, or because we asked directly at the drugstore to get treatment.
The detailed analysis of the cutaneous pathological processes require a thorough investigation of the patient, of manifestation undergone by him or her, general state of health, including of the nervous system and the inhabited environment.
As our body is a perfect and intelligent system, it will know how to signalize via the skin the occurrence of internal complaints not yet manifest.
After a thorough analysis of the cutaneous eruption, the examination of the inner organs should follow. The skin is not to be regarded as an isolated organ, as it is in close interdependence with the other internal organs of the body. Any disorder of the internal organs determines the occurrence of skin modifications. Many of the cutaneous eruptions are morbid manifestations determined by the illness of the digestive, circulatory, respiratory, urogenital organs, of the neurovegetative and endocrine systems.
Make an appointment at the dermatologist at phone number 0742286458.

Minor interventions, electrocauter (papillomas, verrucae)

The viral papillomas and the verrucae are skin lesions caused by the infection with HPV. Of the 120 viral stems identified up to the present, approximately 4-6 stems are responsible for those cutaneous lesions.
The easiest method of treating those papillomas and verrucae is the electro- and radiocautery, methods which you can find at the dermatology room (appointments at phone no. 0742286458) within our clinic.