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I choose to believe and I want to succeed with all those who come to me educating, straightening and implementing a new lifestyle from a nutritional point of view.

How to make a strict diet and to impose it on someone, then trust that he works, that he loses weight, is pleased with the result, and when it comes back from restraints, everything will be great! It's almost always false! The majority (that is, 80%) of those who keep strict diets, after these programs, return to previous problems and enter a vicious circle.

I wish to give people not a program or a new diet, but a real way of life, with full and conscious control over our body and its weight. I do not want calculate calories, I do not want drastic restrictions and weight control in the early days. Not! I want to be able to gain confidence in our body, reducing and maintaining weight within reasonable limits, all of which are directly related to the energy we gain by eliminating metabolic residues responsible for diseases and overweight, which ... disease is also called!
I do not advise eating slimming pills, I do not recommend extreme restrictions in daily food, I recommend the adoption of a NEW PHILOSOPHY of life, a nutritional regime for the prevention of diseases, keeping the weight under control ... of joy and love toward your own body and your own life.
And you will live your whole life healthy!
Respect yourself by knowing and adopting a conscious and healthy way of eating!
I want to learn what to eat, how to eat, in which combinations to choose daily food and to have all the confidence and desire to regain our trust, inner peace, our dearness and openness, not least !, to a life without illness.
"Our food is our medicine!"
And through healthy eating, we prevent all diseases, definitely!
I urge you to have courage and desire for self-regulation, self-knowledge and education in the diet, for a harmonious and balanced life.
With all my love for people and everything I know about optimal nutrition and personal balance,
Lavinia Bratu
Rates for counseling-nutrition classes are:
1 sessions of 60 minutes - 150 ron
4 sessions of 60 minutes - 500 ron

10 sessions of 60 minutes - 1100 ron

Retirees and students can benefit from the reduction, just as any person who wants nutrition counseling can have up to 30% discount at his request.