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Skin stretching by means of the new Cutera Titan

The new Cutera Titan – technology unique in the world, provides you with a natural alternative for skin stretching. Using the light energy in order to stimulate a new collagen production in the depth of the skin, Titan stretches the skin of the face, arms, abdomen and legs. It is the ideal solution for improving your skin aspect, without surgical interventions involving a longer recovery time or unpleasant injections.

How does the Cutera Titan works?
Titan employs a fully safe infra-red controlled light in order to heat the dermis. The heating determines the instantaneous contracting of the collagen within the dermis, leading to skin stretching. During the procedure, the skin surface (epidermis) is continuously protected via the cooling phases alternating with the heating. All these, with one and the same Titan hand-piece. After the procedure, the new collagen production determines the skin to stretch further, thus improving the aspect of the lax skin, of the wrinkles or of the nazolabial folds, for instance.

What areas respond best to the Titan procedure?
Several areas of the body exhibiting lax skin were successfully treated. The lax skin on the maxilla, abdomen and arm responded particularly well to the treatment.

What persons can be treated?
As the procedure employed by Titan consists of heating the tissue located under the skin surface, patients with any kind of skin can be treated. The potential patients are men and women of any age and skin type. Your physician can advise you whether the Titan treatment is suitable for you.

How many treatments are required?
One sole treatment rendered particularly good results in some patients. Your physician will recommend you the number and frequency of the treatments needed to obtain optimal results.

What are the effects of the treatment?
Are there any side-effects?

Right after the treatment, you may notice a slight reddening and swelling of the skin in the treated area. Both effects will disappear within a couple of hours. In order to reduce those undesirable effects, immediately after the treatment the calming foils Natragel are to be applied, which hydrate and at the same time decongest. Your physician will provide you with full information regarding the benefits and the risks of the treatment.

When do I notice the results?
In some patients, the results were seen immediately. However, in most of the patients, the results will become visible during the following three to six months, during which a new layer of collagen is formed and the skin is stretched.

What do I feel during the treatment?
Upon each Titan pulse you will experience a short heating sensation. Some patients prefer to be given a light sedative before the procedure. Many patients are comfortable without sedatives. The physician will decide the best way for you.