Aesthetic Surgery

Cosmetic surgery techniques have evolved having their origins in reconstructive surgery techniques. Many of the procedures that are now used on a large scale for the improvement of the aesthetic aspect actually started as solutions for reconstructive problems. Also, evolution and technological change, favors minimally invasive procedures with fast recovery!


Dermatology, IPL, Laser

The detailed analysis of the cutaneous pathological processes require a thorough investigation of the patient, of manifestation undergone by him or her, general state of health, including of the nervous system and the inhabited environment. As patients with dermatological issues, we must take care and eliminate from our thought the fact that we know what we suffer from because we have seen it before at somebody else, or because we have read in a book or on the internet about that problem, or because we asked directly at the drugstore to get treatment.



I choose to believe and I want to succeed with all those who come to me educating, straightening and implementing a new lifestyle from a nutritional point of view. How to make a strict diet and to impose it on someone, then trust that he works, that he loses weight, is pleased with the result, and when it comes back from restraints, everything will be great! It's almost always false! The majority (that is, 80%) of those who keep strict diets, after these programs, return to previous problems and enter a vicious circle.